Om os

From a backgrund in Fine Arts, I started SADRIA METALS during he pandemic 2020 with a mission to create jewellery for the horse rider. It all started because of an accident i had where i jumped of a horse and fractured three different parts of the body. I wanted to create something that i could look at and believe that it would protect me for any further accidents. A bracelet is mostly visible holding the reins. 


The downward pointing horseshoe spils luck over the name. That is what some believe. I liked it, to me it also somehow becomes a symbol of daring. Its placed on the inner side of each piece. 


The use of geometric patterns is seen as a way to reflect and to create a sense of order and balance in the world. They may also be inspired by other spiritual or symbolic themes, such as the cycles of life, the natural world, or the importance of balance and harmony.


The jewellery is produced in the E.U, with recycled silver and gold.