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Horseshoe Pendant with Diamonds and Sapphires - Gold-Plated

Horseshoe Pendant with Diamonds and Sapphires - Gold-Plated

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Horseshoe with 8 Symmetrical holes. Diamonds and sapphires are mounted in the holes. Light can shine through from the back of the shoe.

The pendant is designed so the chain runs inside the horseshoe for a clean and modern expression.

The Venetian chain is characterized by its small, square links that are uniform in size and shape, connected together to create a smooth, cohesive chain. This design also provides strength and durability.

The design is unisex and can be worn by both men and women.


100% Sterling Silver that is 18 karat gold-plated.
Designed in Denmark, 2020
Cast and assembled in Germany
The silver is recycled and originates from Germany.


The horseshoe is cast.


Chain length is available in 43 cm or 56 cm. The chain measures: (HxWxL): 0.9x0.9x430 mm or (HxWxL): 0.9x0.9x560 mm. The horseshoe measures: (HxWxD): 18x18x2.4 mm.


4 sapphires in size: 1mm


Clarity: IF (internally flawless) Color: River (best) 4 diamonds in size: 1mm

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